Pippy was given the last name Marshall because volunteer, Tammy Curran, heard from friends of a pup with an injured leg living behind the department store Marshalls. Although I suspect it placed a strain on Tammy’s budget, she rose to the occasion, rescued Pippy and provided for her entire veterinary care which resulted in a full recovery and adoption by a lovely couple from Huntington Beach.


Dearest Lydia and Pooch Match,

No words can begin to thank you for the beautiful soul you have brought into our lives…. My husband Scott and I adopted “Pippi Marshall” (A.K.A. “Zoey”) four months ago and she has quickly and easily become the light of our lives! Zoey has come a long way since her “Marshall’s Days” and her broken leg has healed perfectly.

She loves her trips to doggy beach three times a week and can outplay any dog there every time. I have to admit, she’s quite spoiled and deservedly so, if you ask me!!! : ) We just keep falling deeper in love with her and she brings such positive energy to our home. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you do!!!!

Much love and gratitude, ~Erica Hickerson