Maggie, a young Corgi-Shepherd mix was rescued as a stray and adopted in spite of a pelvic fracture in 6 places. Although we received a deeply discounted surgery, it still cost $2,060. Here’s Maggie’s story…

One afternoon, from my kitchen window, I noticed Maggie walking along the street on 3 legs as she followed or appeared to accompany a young woman walking her personal dog on a leash. I thought Maggie might be a stray. They were moving at a fast pace, so I jumped in my car prepared for another rescue. I caught up with the trio, and Maggie was capturedt with a little coaxing. Walking on 3 legs at rapid speed, my suspicions were confirmed… another San Bernardino stray.

This was to be her first rescue. Several days after Maggie got adopted, she escaped when a garage door was accidently opened. Her new family saturated a 1 mile radius with ‘Lost’ posters. This time I feared the worst and thought she might be doomed with little hope given a chance encounter with coyotes near the foot of the mountains. Good Fortune struck when Maggie’s family received calls as she was spoted traveling on a busy street. Traffic was stopped on both sides of the street for a safe rescue. Maggie recovered in a permanent loving home… She would have been doomed at the Shelter.