Hank and Scout

Hank was rescued by a couple who witnessed him being tossed out of a car in front of their home in the dead of night. He came to his foster parents’ attention via Facebook on a post asking if anyone wanted him. He was filthy, underweight, and was also suffering from whip worm and severe allergies. Right off the bat, Hank was a complete gentleman. He was gentle with dogs a fraction of his size and blossomed in his foster home with Ariel and Eric. Because of his severe allergies, he could not eat regular dog food. Poochmatch had to switch him to a meat, fruit and vegetable diet. After which, his allergy symptoms disappeared.

While fostering Hank, Ariel and Eric took in another foster for Poochmatch, a deaf female Pit Bull who was passed around seven or eight times before finally coming to Poochmatch at three months of age. Hank took to Scout immediately. They would play together and snuggle together. We so hoped that we could find a way to keep them together. And we did! As luck would have it a family who had applied for Hank told us they would adopt a puppy in the future that could grow up with Hank. After meeting Scout, they could not resist!