Dallas and Freckles

Dallas, a three month old black Labrador Retriever, was picked up by a vet tech while at work; he was wandering around the parking lot of the vet and they put him in a kennel and contacted Poochmatch. He was placed in a foster home with Ariel and two days later he came down with parvo. The vet put a catheter in his arm and hydrated him and gave him the vitamins and steroids necessary to boost his immune system. Ariel spent six days making sure he was hydrated, giving him a lot of love and never letting him out of her sight. He made a full recovery.

At the same time, Ariel was fostering Freckles, an adult Corgi/German Pointer mix. Freckles and Dallas became fast friends, always playing and snuggling with each other. Freckles, unfortunately, was a long-term foster as anytime a potential adopter would show interest she would just stare at her foster mom; she never let a potential adopter take her on a walk away from her foster mom. Eventually, Dallas had a family who was interested in meeting him and Ariel decided to take Freckles along because the family had no other dogs. As luck would have it, the family’s younger son was able to take Freckles on a walk away from Ariel; the younger son fell in love with her! Dallas, of course, loved everyone right off the bat and Ariel knew this was the family both dogs belonged with. It took a couple of days of debate but in the end, the family decided they couldn’t split up Dallas and Freckles; so they adopted both!