If you have a pet you are no longer able to keep, we would like to help with their placement into a loving home and advertise your pet as a courtesy posting on, and We’re sure your pet would do well on these websites!

Although we do not have fosters to take every dog in need of a home, we do have a network of volunteers, adopters and fosters that visit the site regularly. Many owners and rescue groups have found loving, forever homes for their pets with the help of this added posting.

To get a dog posted, there are three steps:

  1. Please complete the linked Dog Questionnaire
  2. Send in 4 – 6 of your dog’s photos, including one full body shot and one face on shot if possible. If you have a video of your pet, we can attach that to their profile, too!
  3. Send in your introduction for this pup with all of the wonderful aspects of his/her personality that you have been able to gather and what type of home s/he would be best suited in. The pictures and introduction can be sent directly to Please enter in the subject line of your email, attn: Alicia Alvarez, cyber volunteer.

Once all three items are received, your dog will be posted. We do ask that you keep in close contact with us concerning your dog’s availability (ex: if you change your mind, if you have found a placement for your dog before we are able to, etc.) so that we may remove the listing in a timely manner. Due to the high traffic of emails, phone calls, and appointments we have to coordinate on a weekly basis, we may be delayed in reaching out ourselves to confirm the availability of your pet. You are also always welcome to send us more pictures of your pet while s/he is posted! We will do what we can to help you find this dog a forever home.